Are you looking for property training led by people who have been successful in property themselves?

Are you bewildered by the huge array of training available? 

Do you want to get property training and education where you can recoup your money quickly?

Elite Property Circle is the answer


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Property Training Tailored to Your Needs

At Elite Property Circle, we believe in providing excellent property training, led by experts in the field along with a supportive network of like minded property professionals. Take a look at the different ways you can access Elite Property Circle property training now.

Elite Property Online

Can't come to us? Let us come to you with online training

Train at your own pace with content rich training material released weekly

Learn everything you need to know to start your property business immediately

Gain indepth knowledge AND practical skills to make money in property without costly mistakes

All documents, legal guides and resources provided for you to keep 

over 60 hours of online training material, resources and guides

Access to property support groups including social media, whatsapp groups and access to Arsh

Monthly payment package 


Elite Property Live

An incredible way to meet like minded property professionals

Intensive training days packed with learning tasks, materials and complete resources

Detailed explanations on all aspects of property strategies 

Advice and guidance on pitfalls to avoid in property

Ask questions and learn from leading property professionals 

Practical, interactive and hands on approach to training

Option of joining Virtual Live (ability to live stream the training workshop) 

Central location and social networking time after the event for people to meet other like minded investors


Elite Property Tribe

A handpicked group of property investors aiming for excellence

Selected group of property professionals selected to join the 52 week long program

Get access to Arsh and spend time getting to know how Arsh works, his techniques and approaches to property

Invitation to a private networking support group just for investors 

52 week training program aimed to be the complete package for property Investors

Exclusive deal access 

Opportunities to work with Arsh and other investors on deals and JV partnerships




Meet the trainer, 





“I have known property all my life. It’s what I think about first thing in the morning and usually the last thing on my mind at night. So, it was only natural for me to share the secrets of my success and give other people the opportunity to learn how to make money from property and how to do it extremely well!

Below you will find some testimonials from my mentees and people I have had the pleasure of working with. For me they highlight the real everyday array of people that come to me for their property education, people just like you. They began their journey with me with different skill levels, knowledge and understanding of property. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they have all greatly developed their property education and continued to do deals and take huge steps towards financial freedom.” 


Find Out More About Arsh

As Featured In:

"If you want to become a Lawyer, you have to go to Law school, if you want to become a Doctor you have to go to Medical School. If you want to become a successful property investor you NEED to get close to someone who is talking the talk but ALSO walking the walk. This guy walks the walk every single day. Even after achieving HUGE success and wealth from property, he has doubled down and worked even smarter. I have taken some time to reflect today and I am feeling inspired. Sometimes in life you look back at a certain event or day after some time and realise it was a trigger point towards something great, for me Thursday was one of those days, except i realised as soon as I began the drive back down South. After spending the day working with Agents and Landlords ONE to ONE and with my mentor Arsh Ellahi in his office and really picking his brain I learnt more valuable and actionable steps in one day than I can remember. As a result of the day I have been pulling in even more quality leads. Very grateful and really enjoying my journey. Wishing everyone every success. "

Property Sourcer

"Arsh Ellahi is a very inspirational guy in both his property business and his personal life. I joined his Elite Property Tribe in February 2018 primarily for the benefit of my daughter who had just started as my PA for my own property company. I soon realised that Arsh has a wealth of knowledge and despite my years within the property sector I too was learning more from the live events and webinars as well as the amazing private WhatsApp and Facebook communities he has created where everyone helps each other and many partnerships are formed. If you haven’t already jumped on board, do it now, you will be very happy you did. "

Property Sourcer

"Joining the Elite Property Tribe has got to be one of the best decisions I have made. Arsh is extremely knowledgeable and I’m grateful to have him as a mentor. Not only are the weekly webinars full of gems they also give a different perspective on how to analyse deals. His no nonsense approach has allowed me to grow a r2r portfolio and has also allowed me to source package and sell deals. EPT is more than just training/education it’s a family who hold you accountable."

Property Sourcer

"I joined the Elite Property Tribe in 2017 as an accidental landlord with no property experience. In my time with the EPT I have learnt about pretty much every property strategy and with Arsh’s hands on education and mentoring turned my property into a high income HMO with no voids and sourced and sold multiple deals to investors. The Tribe is an incredibly supportive and knowledgable network, with everyone willing to share. My journey with the EPT has really helped me to grow on so many levels and follow my passions!"

Property Investor

Boom, Bust and Back Again

A Property Investor's Survival Guide

Arsh Ellahi, as a child, lived with his family on the ground floor of their house whilst the upstairs rooms were rented out to lodgers. He grew up knowing that renting out rooms made money.

Today Arsh and his Brother Aki, have a large number of tenants living in properties they and their family own, and they run a letting agency that manages many more. All these tenants are on benefits - an area commonly thought to be time consuming and costly to manage; but they have worked out how to put the right tenant in the right property, and employ profitable systems from day one.

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